Monday, June 14, 2010

Twin-Linked Assault Cannon...

 Pictured above: The Land Raider Crusader upgrade sprue

I plan to field 4-5 Razorback transports in my Blood Angel army and I want the option to equip each of them with twin-linked assault cannons (TL AC). Imagine my chagrin upon learning that the TL ACs are not included in the Razorback kit.
Now, compound that disappointment with the fact that the only pintle mounted twin-linked assault cannon bits available are found in the Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer box, or are sold on a Land Raider Crusader upgrade sprue for 19.00 dollars through Games Workshop’s direct mail order! Searching vendors that specialize in "bits", I discovered the alternative to my previous two options would be to purchase the just the pintle, mount and weapon online or on Ebay for about 22.00 dollars before shipping and handling. The bits peddlers were charging more than GW...ouch. As I realized that I would have to sink another Benjie on my transports my heart sank. I began combing the internet for options.

One such option is to take the assault cannon bits from the Ravenwing upgrade sprue (two assault cannons’ per sprue) and scratch build the twin-linked assault cannons myself. This alternative may prove a little more cost efficient: I’ve seen six assault cannon(s) for sale on Ebay for about 8-10 bucks. I would still need to figure the hatch/and pintle mounting, but even 20 dollars invested is only a quarter of the total cost I would face purchasing the Crusader upgrade sprue. I found pictures of a couple of scratch-built projects using the Ravenwing ACs, and I didn't like the way they looked. Curse my need to please my aesthetics!

So, after a little deliberation I decided to order the LR Crusader upgrade sprue from GW. I figured that I could sell off the remaining bits and components to off-set the cost of the (TL AC) to some degree (perhaps as much as 10-15 dollars). I will admit I was tempted to purchase full LR Crusader kits, take the TL AC for myself and then sell the rest. However, trying to ebay a number of incomplete Land Raiders in the hopes that I would get at least an 80% return on what the kit cost me did not sound appealing. I decided to stick with purchasing just the upgrade sprue and trying to sell the remnants I will not use or don't want.

Jawaballs likes to refer to Assault Cannons as Ass Cans...After this experience, I think the name is befitting.

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