Friday, October 24, 2014

Games Workshop Petition

I'm going to link this petition in case anyone would like to therapeutically comment and attach their names to it.

I think the petition succinctly bullet-points most of the issues that separates Games Workshop from greatness, but, I want to stress the following:

1) Well-written, competitive rules that are diligently and actively maintained. I can forge the narrative with shit rules, but, at least price them accordingly. Right now, rules are priced at a premium. The product does not reflect it's price point.

2) Support FLGS. For the love of Christ, Games Workshop stores fucking suck. One-man stores do not provide a fun place to play games- especially when there are all of these silly rules excluding aftermarket parts and figures. When ONE PERSON operates a store, where all occupants have to step out every time that person needs to 10-100, or take a break- a fun, positive, customer service experience will almost certainly NEVER be met (regardless of how nice and professional your store managers are...and they are very nice, professional people).

When I go into my local store, Olympic Cards and Comics I am greeted with plenty of tables to play, friendly, professional, service. Gabi, OCC owner, strives to keep the environment family and kid friendly which is a plus; the store doesn't stink and is clean. She lets me play with my kit-bashed figures that include non-GW parts- Wow, what a concept! There is also restrooms available for customers, and the store stays open till the last person leaves. The first step to an active gaming community is providing a clean, safe, and fun place to not only purchase merchandise, but, to model, paint, and play with said merchandise as well. Kudos, OCC.

3) After-market bits...c'mon. You slayed all of the competition and you're just going to leave that vacuum? Upcharge for the individual sprues and allow customers to tailor their purchases based on their imagination.

4) Support conventions, RTS, and GTs. There is a community that would love to interact with you, and the benefit would pay off in spades. These events are no longer relegated to highly competitive douchey WAAC players (common Jervis-Lover misconception). There are plenty of events that are offering competitive and narrative events under the same roof and its bringing the community closer together. Bay Area Open, Las Vegas Open, Nova Open, 11th Company, T-SHIFT, Adepticon, PAX West- they all run alternative events along with a 40K grande tournament.

5) Oh shit, sorry to do this to you but; welcome to the digital age and social media. Embrace it. Even forums are a little dated these days when you have twitter, facebook, google circles, etc. Oh, you don't want big, mean internet trolls bullying your pages and posts? Step over to Neverwinter's forums for a lesson in Nazi forum moderation. Their forum mods run such a tight ship that Captain Bligh blush with jealousy. Surprise: the Neverwinter mods work for free. Volunteers that take it upon themselves to tirelessly regulate the NW forums and eradicate any post that even hints at breaking the TOS.

6) Price point. How do you expect to bring in new blood (btw, you need new blood) if you price the majority of your product so high? Your games are fucking nerdy to begin with- how are you going to attract the teenage demographic you have been focused on? Mom and Dad's checkbook only goes so far, and you're competing against a lot of other media entertainment syncs (you may not like it, but, you are competing against video games). You need to figure out how to competitively price your product to attract new blood and hook them in. You need to competitively price your product to combat all of those alternative game companies that you have allowed to grow and bloom in your many weeds that have taken root over the last 10 years- so many options for a spending conscious consumer to deter them away from your overpriced, big, clunky, shit rules, games.

These days, young people want to compete. Give them clear concise rules to hook them in. Price an entry level set- the price of a video game (40-70 bucks) so that the curious can find out if they like your game or not.

Anyways, check out the petition- there are some very good points. Rant off.


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