Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Forge World Weathering Powder: Seriously!

Last week I posted a rant in regards to Forge World's weathering pigments. I had ordered both sets for a total of 14 unique powders. When I received my order, I noticed that four of the containers contained less pigment than the other ten. Disgruntled, I emailed Forge World customer service to inquire and complain about the disparity.
The very next day a customer service rep sent me an apology and an explanation- each container is filled with approximately 12 grams of powder. Some of the pigments vary in weight, therefore certain color pots will contain more than others. With the explanation aside, the rep suggested I weigh the pigment containers in question, and if any shortage was discovered he would make it right.

I used the scale at the local post office to at least roughly determine if the four pots containing little pigment weighed as much as the other pots that held more. I discovered that they did: Orange Rust, Dark Earth, Dark Sand, and Grey Ash weighed approximately 17-19 grams each. I then weighed the other ten pigments which reported a similar fluctuation of 17-19 grams each. The only thing I didn't do was completely remove a pigment from the pot in order to weigh an empty pot, however I'm confident that I did in fact receive a standard amount of pigment and wasn't shorted or otherwise cheated.

Suffice to say that I plan to use a couple of those colors heavily on my army as well as friends' armies. Just to make sure I don't run out, I'm going to scoop up a couple of pigments from Les at

In the end, I'm satisfied that I didn't get ripped-off, and I have to admit that Forge World's customer service was pretty good. The only thing left is for me to actually get the opportunity to use their weathering pigments, something that will have to wait until after the move.


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