Saturday, June 12, 2010

Blood Angels List Update: 06/12

I have updated my 2,000 point BA list as follows:

Librarian, Terminator Armor

Chaplain Terminator Armor
Sanguinary Priest, Terminator Armor
Sanguinary Priest, Power Weapon, MK2 armor
Terminator Assault Squad (5): 1 Lightning Claw, 4 Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield.

(5) Squads of five Assault Marines: 3 Meltas, 1 Perdition Pistol, 3 Power Weapons, 1 Power Fist
(5) Razorback Transports- 3 with TL AC, 2 with TL LC.

Fast Attack
Baal Predator TL AC
Baal Predator Flamestorm Cannon

Fielding five separate assault squads (scoring units) will give me room to learn and make mistakes. Depending on my experience, I may swap out the TL LC(s) with TL AC(s). Obviously, I will shove my HQ and a Sanguinary Priest with my assault Terminators. Taking advice from Jawaballs, I left all but one of the Terminators with lightning claws. The other four will equip Thunderhammers’ and Stormshields. The LR Crusader may become just a Land Raider, depending on how the LRC performs. One lucky assault squad will have a Sang Priest attached to it. This squad will position itself centrally from the other attacking squads when possible for the priest’s bonus.

Finally, I’m going to field one TL AC Baal Pred while the other will be outfitted with the Flamestorm Cannon. If necessary, I’ll swap out the FC with another TL AC. As you may have noticed, I sacrificed sponson weapons (coupled with nixing the third Baal Predator, I was able to afford my 5th assault squad).
I may swap out my HQ choice and an Assault Squad in exchange for Mephiston in order to test him. With little experience with 40K, let alone 5E Blood Angels, I would like to refute or substantiate claims that he is overpowered.

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