Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Auction Won: Termies!

I won these three Terminator Space Marines for 12 bucks including shipping- you simply can't beat that! Tuesday my Terminators arrived in the mail well packed and snug in bubble wrap. As you can see, some fellow painted his heart and soul into all three of them using a Blood Angel color scheme.
I wanted to paint these awesome figures myself, so I set about interring the three Space Marines into a large Gladware container filled with Simple Green. I used a seal-able container because Simple Green has an overpowering odor that may be too much for some.
Simple Green is an industrial strength cleaning agent that is also biodegradable.You can use Simple Green to strip paint (and even glue) from your miniatures without damaging or melting plastic and resin. Just let them sit for a few hours (or days, depending on the amount and type of paint), then using an old toothbrush run the figure under warm water and scrub the old paint off. I use a toothpick to remove paint out of nooks and crannies the toothbrush may have missed.

Simple Green can be purchased just about anywhere (including Wal-Mart)- purchase it by the gallon for the best savings. Be warned: Simple Green will agitate skin upon contact- so wear gloves!


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