Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday Fluff: Fan Fiction

Saturday Fluff: When Six and I first started playing 40K, it really kick-started our creative juices. Six was so inspired that he wrote four chapters of story fleshing out his Death Korps of Kriegs army, and a fallen Commissar by the name of Codan.

Its fun to create a story that provides a narrative for your army, a particular unit, a model, or character. One of the best aspects of 40K is when the game creates a narrative, and something happens that must be recorded and shared. Something completely unbelievable such as Six's lowly IG Sergeant winning three challenges in close combat against some big, bad, Dark Eldar Independent Character. We visualized the poor soul fending off his ghastly opponent with nothing more than his issued shovel and pistol- it was epic!

Below, you will find links to some of our 40K fan fiction:

Codan and Wanzenjagers:
Lost Chapter Astartes: Spirit Eagles


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