Thursday, June 17, 2010

Forge World Weathering Powder. Seriously?

Originally, I had planned to purchase a weathering pigment through Micro-Mark until I found Les' weathering line on Unfortunately, when I ordered my pigments, Les was in the process of moving his online store and his pigments weren't available. Then I found a great review about Forge World's line of weathering pigments. I wanted to order a couple of resin kits, so I decided to take the plunge and purchase both weathering sets (14 unique pigments, total).

Today, my Forge World Weathering Powder arrived in the mail, which made me very excited. The package was beat up pretty bad, but my order was intact and all 14 weathering powders appeared undamaged and unopened.  The second weathering pigment set includes 8 unique colored powders, whereas the first set includes six. The problem I encountered was with the first set: Four out of the six powder containers were less than half-full! The containers are sealed and appear to be new, however, Orange Rust, Dark Earth, Dark Sand, and Grey Ash all contain less than half of a container's worth of pigment. Man, did that piss me off.

 I want Forge World to send me the rest of the product I paid for! If they refuse to do this, I'll gladly pay the shipping required to return their shit to them for a refund and avoid their product in the future. I can't believe the utter lack of quality assurance! 10 of the pots are 70-85% full ,with the pigments included in the second set being pretty uniform in amount. That sort of variation is acceptable to me, however then I have four pigment pots that are 35-50% full. Brand new... seriously, what the fuck? Look, I'm familiar with Forge World's track record when dealing with customer complaints and resolving product issues, so make no mistake, I'm prepared for the worse. However, I have contacted customer service in an attempt to provide Forge World the opportunity to take necessary action in order to correct this issue.
In the mean time, if you have ordered from Forge World I want to hear from you- the good or the bad. Likewise, if you have ordered their weathering products, sound off. Were the powder measurements as random as mine? If you haven't ordered this product from Forge World, or are on the fence- don't. At least, not until my situation is addressed. Unless you relish the thought of paying a little over 4.00 bucks for a 1/4 of an ounce (and less) for weathering pigment.
If Forge World decides to dick me around, they're going to lose my money and I will gladly spend it with someone who knows how to treat a customer.

Compare the disparity in the amount of pigment in the pot on the left to the two adjacent pots. All three are unopened and unused, folks. The center pot contains orange rust (a color I plan to use extensively).

Update: Friday June 18th
I promptly received an email from a customer rep of Forge World. Following is a cut and paste:

The weathering Powders pots contain a set weight of powder which is a minumum of 12 grams. The volume of powder in the pots depend upon the granule size of the individual powders. This means that some powders fill the pots more due to this, but still contain the same weight of powder of the ones with smaller granules. The powders in set one, do have a finer granule make up than the ones in the second set.
If you would like to send us some digital photgraphs of the sealed pots we can look into this further for you. Alternatively, if you wish to return the items to us, we can provide a refund for the returned items.
(name withheld)"
Forge World

That sheds some light on the subject- I'll weigh the pigments tonight when I get home in an attempt to determine if their weight is relative. The immediate response I received from a Forge World rep. was reassuring, along with the fact that pigment weight may be a factor in the differing amounts in each pot. More to come.

It took a little time due to work and a move, however I was able to weigh each and every one of my pigment pots. Find out the conclusion, here!


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