Monday, June 14, 2010

Rate My Army: Kriegs

My buddy Matt sent me an email asking me to post his current list for reader consideration. Constructive criticism, please.

"hey, is there a good place you could post my army list for critique?  I am curious what people's opinion is.....other than a lack of scoring units.  I feel that I am somewhat compensating for that by not really needing them for anything other than holding objectives, and they can do that last minute via the drills deep strike."

Here is Matt's 2K Kriegs list:
  • 102pts Krieg company command platoon:
    Command Squad  Jr. Officer + 4 guardsman +vox+surveyor                      
  • 125pts  Anti-tank Squad 3 lascannon teams   
  • 60pts   Fire Support Squad 3 twin linked heavy stubber teams                                                                                                                                                     
  • 115pts  Krieg Engineer Squad 1 Vet Eng +9 Engs +melta bomb  TROOP                                         
  • 50pts    Hades Breaching Drill  TROOP                                   
  • 145pts  Krieg Engineer Squad 1 Vet Eng +9 Engs +GasGrenades+vox TROOP                    
  • 50pts    Hades Breaching Drill TROOP                                                                      
  • 150pts  Grenadier squad  Watchmaster + 9 grenadiers +hvy flamer +gren launcher +flamer+vox  ELITE    
  • 71pts    Heavy Quad Launcher Battery    1 Quad Launcher w/camo netting ELITE                    
  • 280pts  2 Vendetta gunship  +heavy bolter sponsons FST ATK       
  • 50pts    Preliminary Bombardment HVY SUP   
  • 160pts  Hydra Flak Tank x2 (1 hk missl) HVY SUP
  • 202pts  Earthshaker cannon x2 w/camo netting (non LoS)  HVY SUP                                     
  • 440pts Macharius "Vulcan" +track guards+xtr armor+imp coms (SPR HVY)
Total  2000 pts                                  



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