Sunday, June 13, 2010


Minions Of The Monster Master Podcast featured a guy from my neck of the woods, Eli  of, "I See Lead People" fame. Eli speaks about Gamestorm 12 and highlights from that convention. Gamestorm is a TWENTY FOUR hour gaming convention- any game you can imagine!
Gamestorm boasts a game library available to attendants, providing opportunity to try something new before buying it! Thats right, as reported by Eli attendees can check out any game available in Gamestorm's library for a test drive. Registration for Gamestorm 13 is all ready open, and if you register before September 6th 2010 a ticket will only set you back 25.00 bucks- twenty dollars less than purchasing a ticket at the door!

I'm interested in Gamestorm because this year they hosted a 2,000 point 40K event with 300 bucks worth of prizes! And according to Eli, Gamestorm 13 will boast even more fun for miniature gamers! Check out MotMM broadcast 18 and listen for yourself!  Following are links to the Gamestorm website and forums, Eli's blog, "I see Led people", and Minions of the Monster Master (MotMM podcast):
Gamestorm 13
Minions of the Monster Master Pod Cast
I see Lead People- Eli's blog
So, get your ass over to Gamestorm 13 and sign up for 2011 and I'll see you there! Don't forget to listen to Minions of the Monster Master. The guys are refreshingly funny and cover all sorts of geek subjects- including 40K.

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