Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Retro: Chaos Champion

Back in the day, I would spend hours in my Local Games Shop (LGS) looking at the plethora of pewter figures available at that time. I always preferred Games Workshop and Citadel figures because the artists and sculptors seemed to capture such emotion and detail in many of their miniatures- often to good effect; their exagerated miniatures commanding a potential customer's attention while eclipsing the competition. At that time Ral Partha had a robust line of pewter figures to rival Citadel, however their heroes and villains conveyed far less hero-ism or villain-ism...

 It reminded me of the way Marvel Comics visually set itself apart from DC and other competitors in the 60s; eccentuating or dramatizing poses and facial expressions to grab the eye. That exageration would later become their moniker in the comic biz.

Back to Citadel and Games Workshop. One such day of leisurely browsing in my LGS, I discovered a really cool miniature holding a rifle and knife garbed in a shabby robe and wearing a gas mask. "Chaos Champion" the package proclaimed; but the figure wasn't posed in some extreme fashion. Instead, this champion of Chaos conveyed a silent intensity. This champion of Chaos appeared as though he was about to drop his rifle in favor of a knife fight. I have never felt inclined to play a Chaos army, but I'll be the first to admit that some of their miniatures look so damn cool!

I've had this figure for twenty years and it is just as bad ass today, as it was twenty
years ago when I first purchased it. Interestingly enough, this figure was advertised in Citadel's catalog as a Fantasy Chaos champion (complete with square base)!

 Do you have an old miniature, toy or game in your collection that compels you to wax nostalgic? Share it!


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