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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Kingdom Death: Monster! NSFW

FYI: I tagged this post with a NSFW b/c some of the book pics I posted from the book.

I have got to say, Adam Poots is such a class act. I purchased a copy of Kingdom Death: Monster. Quite a little investment for a board game, but, when you take into account the figures, the mechanics, and the replay value- well worth the price. I bought it directly through Adam's site, Kingdom Death during the last pre-order wave he opened up.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

BOLO: Stolen Sisters of Battle Army!

A local player recently had his army stolen in Tacoma Washington. As they are a distinct looking army, I wanted to share this information in the event any good Samaritans may have information regarding it. 
Here is a link to to the original post and a link to the victim's profile. 

Odds are small, but, you never know. Hopefully, someone may recognize it. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Kingdom Death Sci-Fi Twilight Knight Still Available: CMON

I see that the KD Sci-Fi Twilight Knight that includes two KD:Monster game cards is going for 30-40 bucks on Ebay: Don't buy it.

CMON still has it in stock for 15 bucks plus shipping- still over 70 units available. Since I'm impatiently waiting the delivery of KD:Monster, I went ahead and scooped a Knight up myself- you should too.
Edit: Kingdom Death: Monster is up for pre-order on Poots website. After shipping (inside US) the game comes to 320.00 bucks- quite a steal to the 400-500 bucks trending on ebay just hours before pre-orders were opened. The investment is heavy (almost an entire army equivalent in most game systems), but, justifiable for the sheer amount of content you receive.Get it while you can!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Cpl. Charles W. "Bill" Bryan, USMC, Killed in Action on Hill 881 South, near Khe Sanh, South Vietnam, 20 January, 1968, Posthumously awarded the Navy Cross (second only to the Medal of Honor) for heroism.

Happy Memorial Day to all of our heroes- men and women lost defending our great country.
And to those left to mourn those that made the greatest sacrifice.

Monday, May 4, 2015

2015 Nova Open Changes/Possible ITC Changes

Mike and Co. are working hard to make 40K as fun as possible for the Nova Open. Following are his latest thoughts on rule changes/ FAQs:

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Baal Strike Force 1850 List: Updated 01/05/15

Kicking around an 1850 list idea centered around Dante and making assault work with Blood Angel Marines. I would have to rely on model and unit placement to diminish flyer presence, but, I think 50 marine bodies is probably the minimum to accomplish this (especially with the new bases LOL).  I considered Archangels Sanguine Wing which offers around 400 points of free upgrades, but, I don't foresee this formation getting a pass at events b/c of those free points.
This list sacrifices obsec going all in for the formation rules to bolster marines in assault. My goal is to include enough tools to burn down and grind out an opponent's obsec units:


Priest w/VE, pistol, MB, JP

Death Company (10) JPs, 2x Fists, 2x PWs, 2x Infernus Pistols

CS (5) 1x Power Swords, 1x P Fist, 2x SShields, 1x Melta Gun, MB, JPs

Tac Squad (10) H Flamer, Flamer, MB, Drop Pod DWML,
Tac Squad (10) H Flamer, Flamer, MB, Drop Pod DWML,
Scout Squad (10); Shotguns, MB, Power Sword

Fast Attack:
Assault Marine (5) melta x2; combi melta, mb
Drop Pod, DWML
Assault Marine (5) melta x2; combi melta, mb
Drop Pod, DWML
Drop Pod, DWML

Heavy Support:
Devastator Squad (5) 4x MMeltas, MB

Dante is a LOW, but, he is such a beast now that he is EW and swings at initiative. Dante and Priest ride with Vanguard Vets for a precision drop: The command squad consists of a five man with a couple of stormshields to soak up wounds the turn they arrive. They are also armed with melta combined shooting with Dante to pop transports if needed. I armed the priest with the AP2 power sword relic. AP2 with that high initiative on the charge is freaking scary. Not to mention all vets sans McFister will swing at I5 on the charge giving the vet unit a leg up on the opposition. Ultimately, the command squad is just a delivery system for Dante and Priest so time will tell if divesting the unit of excess equipment is worthwhile.
Death Company are so cool now that they can score and contest. The combination of Rage and Relentless make bolters the default weapon choice in my opinion. I'm starting out light on the power weapons in favor of a couple of infernus pistols, giving the unit a tool against high AV outside of assault. Will see how I like this load out and if I need to tweak it...
Assault Squads; cheap throw-away melta units meant to threaten Knights and high AV tanks. What isn't to like? For a 115 points you get two meltas and a combi! For a 135 you get two meltas and two infernus pistols. I've ran the infernus loadout on an assault sgt (back when you got 1 melta per 5 bodies). It is devastating, but, I'd like to at least start out with the minimum investment on a toss away Sgt. If two meltas and combi don't perform well enough on the table, I'll defer to the gunslinger loadout. I purchased an additional pod to mix things up a bit; I can choose to drop the Dev squad as a melta distraction, or, the scout squad as a backfield distraction. Of course the scouts can just outflank the backfield, which may seem laughable on paper, but, FC combined with Red Thirst will give that unit some teeth.
Tactical squads with H flamer/ flamer combos to burn out any hiding infantry.
All of my drop pods have deathwind missile launchers. Just another annoying way to cause wounds on low armor OBSEC units.Pods give better flexibility allowing me to create threats as well as respond to an opponent's deployment.
Jan 1st 2015
Instead of clogging up the blog with posts to edit this list, I'll just keep updating this specific post. Juggling this list, I've changed it up a bit. It is a two CAD list that combines Baal Strikeforce with an standard CAD for obsec troops. Astorath, Death Company, Scouts, and Assault Squads comprise Baal Strikeforce. Librarian, Tactical Squads, and drop pod make up the standard CAD:

Librarian, Epistolary, JP
Death Company (5); Bolters, Power Fist, Power Axe, JP
Death Company (5); Bolters, Power Fist, Power Axe, JP
Tactical Squad (10); H Flamer, Melta, Combi-Melta, MB, Drop Pod
Tactical Squad (10); H Flamer, Melta, Combi-Melta, MB, Drop Pod
Scout Squad (5); B Pistol, Combat Knife, MB
Scout Squad (5); B Pistol, Combat Knife
Assault Squad (5), Melta Gun x2, Combi-Melta, MB, DP
Assault Squad (5), Melta Gun x2, Combi-Melta, MB, DP
Assault Squad (5), Melta Gun x2, Combi-Melta, MB, DP
Assault Squad (5), Melta Gun x2, Combi-Melta, MB, DP
Drop Pod

Astorath's point reduction in this latest codex makes him a strong consideration if you plan to field DC, as, Astorath is now the only way to get Liturgies of Blood. I played with Astorath in 5th and enjoyed the unit, but, he was pricey back then. I broke up the DC unit from my original list into two distinct harassing units. A 10 man unit of 3+ armor that can't combat squad is a lot of eggs in one basket. As much as I love the idea of a huge mob of DC relentlessly jumping around the battlefield, Its a unit begging to be clobbered by an opponent. Breaking it up into two gives me another target consideration to throw at my opponent (at the expense of an additional kill point). I also slimmed each squad down to one axe and one fist. That gives me punching power to deal with high toughness units, and high AV vehicles.
Scout squads fall into the Baal Strikeforce CAD. Since they are part of the strikeforce, I gave both units combat knives since I'll be hiding them in combat when I'm not hiding them in ruins. The extra drop pod gives me the freedom to surgically drop a unit of scouts where I may need them most: Late game contention, line breaker, or, denying line breaker. My standard CAD will be led by an epistolary Librarian whose job is to buff Dante, and Dante's unit. I gave him a standard staff rather than Gallian's. I will have to play test whether the 10 points is worth scrubbing an HP off a 2HP unit with 3+ save just to reroll a 1. The weapon's strength modifier will allow him to scratch things with his stick. 10 man Tac squads are meant to combat squad (CS) hence each unit's diversified weapons. That gives me a total of 6 obsec units when I include their drop pods. As I mentioned earlier the sole drop pod in this CAD can be utilized by a scout squad when convenient. Finally, I have four melta assault squads that straddle both CADs meant to neutralize Knights, high AV units, and the occasional fortress.

Overall, I think this list flows better than my initial list. It lacks the ability to address flyers directly, and will rely on it's footprint to mitigate flyer presence/performance.

Thursday, December 25, 2014


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