Tuesday, May 13, 2014

7th Edition and 2014 Tournament Circuit

Now that 7th Edition is confirmed for release on the 24th of this month, I wonder which GT will be the first to utilize the new rule set? When 6th dropped in June of 2012, Brandt and the Nova Open team hit the ground running, and were the first US GT to utilize and incorporate 6th edition into a Grand Tournament. That year, Wargames Con (now dubbed, 'Texas Games Con') dodged the bullet due to that late June release date in correlation to their GT schedule. Brandt and team had to make some tough decisions with the minimal amount of play testing afforded to them due to time constraints. I didn't agree with all of the decisions that were ruled, but, under the circumstances I completely understood why certain rules and limitations were set in place for the 2012 GT.  Brandt succeeded, and in the process set the standard for the US GT circuit with regard to 40K.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Forge World: Death Korps of Krieg Availability

With the release of the new IG Astra Militarum codex, I wanted to expand the small allied force of DKOK I have accumulated over the last couple of years. Unfortunately, many of the DKOK kits are not available for purchase on the FW website. I inquired about said units, and if/when they would be made available. Here is the response I received, and I wanted to share it with anyone else that may be in the same boat:
         Thank you for your email.  New moulds are being made for these models, the work will take several weeks but we intend to have them back on sale as soon as possible. 

Periodically master models need some work so we can continue to produce moulds, this means we have to take the products of sale for a short time to replace and repair the master models and then produce new moulds. The amount of time this takes depends on many factors including the level of detail in the model and the level of work the designers and mould makers already have scheduled. Unfortunately this means we can not give an accurate estimate of how long they will be unavailable for but we will have them back on sale as soon as we can.

If there is anything further we can do to assist you, or if you have any queries about the information we have requested or provided, please telephone us.

Forge World



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