Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Penal Legionnaires: Imperial Guard

My bud decided to sprinkle some penal legionnaires into his army and even whipped up a fluffy back story to top his Kriegs list cake. Since Games Workshop nor Forge World sell a ready-made penal legion kit or box, we have scoured the internet to see how other players have modded their "prisoners turned fodder squads". One combination in particular I like very much:

  • Catachan bodies:

  • With Tox Guardsmen heads by Maxmini:

  • or bald human heads by Hasslefree:

  • Of course, the Kolony Rebel figures by Pigs Iron would be my personal choice for a penal squad utilized by a Kriegs army:

  •  Ramshackle Games receive an honorable mention for their gas-mask heads and Drug Crazed Lunatics:

What do you think? Maybe there is something I missed, waiting to be discovered or shared!

Further Consideration:
Maxmini- Tox Guardsmen heads
Hasslefree Miniatures- bald human heads
Pig Iron Productions- Kolony Rebels
Ramshackle Games- Drug Crazed Lunatics


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