Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dark Millenium: 40K MMO

So, a 40K MMO is slated to be released in the next couple of years and this trailer was displayed at E3 2010.
My concern is that Dark Millennium (DM) avoids the mistakes made by it's predecessor Warhammer Online. The pvp was monotonous, many times one-sided or lop-sided. Two warring factions competed for control of zones by way of victory points. Victory points were accumulated by holding strategic points, winning scenarios (instanced team competitions) and killing your opponents. Once a zone (section of land) was won by a faction, it would open up a subsequent zone and the contest would repeat. Book-ending these zones were a faction unique fortress. If the opposing faction could push zone control to that fortress- and take it, then the opposing faction's city could fall under siege. Rinse, repeat every night...ad nauseum. Okay, so the player vs player (PVP) game wasn't that great- what about the Player Vs Everything (PVE) game? Bleh. Instances were bland and few. Some gear was impossibly hard to obtain due to low drop rate or just plain bugged drops! The time that I did spend playing Warhammer Online, I had fun and made some great friends.

The game also rekindled my interest in the table-top game and 40K. However, I don't think I could invest any more time in an MMO unless it's core mechanics and pvp really gripped me. To be honest I prefer a sandbox style MMO (an example being EVE Online). You really feel small and lost when you're kicked out of the newb tutorial into the vastness of space able to do anything (good or bad) that you want. PVP should be challenging and rewarding. PVE aspects of the game should be fun and engaging. Crafting should be meaningful with challenge. Balance between classes and races should be considered at all times and held to the highest importance- not a mere afterthought.  That is how I imagine Dark Millennium should be...only time will tell.


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