Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blood Angels FAQ July 1st

Q: Can Corbulo’s dice roll be used to affect the result
of roll-offs for deployment zones and first turn?

A: No.

Well, that helps me with my decision to pass on Corbulo and allocate that 55 points elsewhere...

Games Workshop released a FAQ for the Blood Angels 5E Dex today. Along with correcting the demolisher cannon's description (“Ordnance 1, Large Blast”) and ensuring players know that they can't stack multiple copies of "descent of angels", GW has ruled that using Corbulo's dice roll ability for first turn and roll-offs for deployment zones is a no-no! What other tidbits are included in the FAQ? How about Sanguinary Priests:
"Q: At what point does my model need to be in range
of a Sanguinary Priest to gain the bonuses of Furious

A: When you put the bonuses to use, i.e. when the
model makes its close combat attacks."

Yup, BA players are going to have be me more creative in the way they set up their assaults to gain priest bonuses (or risk the priest and attach him to the assaulting squad).  I have a question: Why would the chalice affect models, now, instead of units? Does that mean he only affects the models within six inches of him (some models in a unit will get it, some wont)? Or do you think that Furious Charge and Feel No Pain (FNP) will be inferred from each model to their relative unit? Oops- second question (as Jawaballs pointed out) Feel No Pain was not addressed in this FAQ, although, like Furious Charge, it is conferred to all "units" within six inches of a Sanguinary Priest. Why isn't Feel No Pain held to the same guidelines as Furious Charge? Was it an intentional omission?
I'd like opinions on this question from the community.
"Q: Do vehicles gain a cover save from Shield of

A: Yes."

That is heartening news seeing as how 5E has allowed Blood Angels to effectively fight as a mechanized army. Protecting all of those tanks with a psychic cover save makes the Librarian power all the more attractive.

Don't cry Mister Nid
On the other side of the hill, a Tyranid (Nid) FAQ was also released. Fritz (from Fritz40K) brought up an interesting point, just yesterday in fact, about the Doom of Malan'tai's spirit leech affect and embarked troops. Some readers were vehemently against such a thing, others moderately for it, while one reader argued against it in a very logical (and convincing) manner. Well, someone in the GW hierarchy must read his blog because today in the Nid FAQ this very subject was laid to rest:  "
Q: Does the Doom of Malan’tai’s Spirit Leech ability
affect units embarked in transport vehicles?"
"A: No. "

Okay, I understand that one and maybe this one;
"Q: Can Psychic Scream affect units embarked within a
transport vehicle?
A: No."

However I'm surprised with the next ruling:
"Q: Does Shadow in the Warp affect psykers who are
taking a Psychic test whilst embarked within a
transport vehicle?
A: No."

Wow! Really?
Interesting information and some much needed clarification. What was left out? I want to know, so leave your opinions here!


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