Sunday, June 27, 2010

GMM Studios: A Charity Event

Brandon Palmer never ceases to amaze me with his painting and artistic ability. This week he has focused his talents to do something really cool for a brave little dude and his family.

Isaiah is a 3rd grade student at Spring Hill Intermediate School. He has recently returned home after receiving a transplant for his liver, pancreas, and small bowel. This is the second transplant Isaiah and his family have gone through. He received an initial transplant in March of 2007 for just small bowel. This eventually failed and had to be removed in March of 2009. Over the next six to nine months, he will be required to travel back and forth from home to Omaha, NE. This also requires the travel of at least one parent and takes considerable time away from work and home as the family is responsible for 100% of his daily cares.

Brandon has Sisters' army up for sale on Ebay: The Auction. All proceeds go to Isaiah and his family, check it out!
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