Monday, November 1, 2010

WIP: Kriegs Army

 This weekend I finished basing Six's Kriegs army with a mixture of fine and course ballast, baked coffee grounds, and PVA glue. I snapped some pictures of my progress:

This army is such a visual feast for the eyes: On one hand, you have the Forge World Kriegsman that look absolutely fantastic. Complimenting Six's Kriegsmen are Pig Iron's "Kolony Rebel" figures; can't you see the lot of them battling for every square inch of that nuclear wasteland they call home?

I will remove any flash Six may have inadvertently left on his Pig Iron figures prior to applying foundation paint. 

 The Las Cannon tripods' were a challenge. I finally used green stuff and a little glue to secure them to their relative base(s). 

 On the field you are more likely to see the vets behind their penal battalion cannon fodder; can't you hear them shouting orders in their guttural tongue?

Tonight, I'll clean up base edges. In the meantime I need a little advice (since this is my first time basing figures); Should I use or apply anything else to hold/secure/weatherize the ballast to base?

When you have the time, check out Pig Iron Studios! Their 28mm figures are awesome.


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