Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pretty Marines: Holy @*#$%

Last night while surfing Ebay for veteran Space Marines, I tripped over an auction that literally made my mouth drop in shock...and awe.

Flash back to Spring of 2009...Jawaballs and Fritz bat-reps were rejuvenating my interest in the 40K universe, specifically 40K. It was at that time that I discovered an amazing artist, and "painter of miniatures", that would have a profound effect on me, and ultimately influence me artistically. So, what awesome commission or piece of Brandon Palmer's effected me so? It was the first army that I recall seeing that Brandon had painted: The Pretty Marines (scroll down the page to see the "Pretty Marines").
Obviously, this themed army isn't for anyone- Space Marines with an anime look and a Yaoi theme? However, I imagine getting an ass whoopin' at the hands of the Pretty Marines would definitely piss off any guy with homophobic tendencies, or uncomfortable with his sexuality...that could be entertaining.
All of that hyperbole aside, what impressed me about this army was the amazing paint job. I remember looking over pictures of that very army to better understand how Brandon blended a certain part, or what color combination he used. I became a fan of Brandon's and signed up for his annual newsletter that usually included pictures of his current project(s)- his work never ceases to inspire me!

So, when I was surfing Ebay last night, and stumbled upon an auction with units that appeared to be Brandon's "Pretty Marines" my mouth dropped! There they were- five Pretty Marines standing next to a Rhino transport. All purple, and adorned with hearts...looking pretty! I thumbed through this particular seller's store and found that the whole army had been sectioned off and is currently being auctioned over the next eight days!

Man, here is the opportunity for someone to own a Palmer painted army for peanuts! That old saying, "One man's trash, is another man's treasure" really pertains in this instance. Here is an opportunity for some lucky guy or gal to literally get a one of a kind army painted by Brandon Palmer. I just wish I had the reserve to scoop up these units myself! I'd field the "Pretty Marines" and count em' as Space Wolves, LOL!

"Our overly hairy, and uglier brothers from another Primarch need to be taught a lesson!"
For those of you interested in the auction(s), follow this link:
Likewise, if you're interested in viewing more of Brandon's work, or request a commission, check out his website, GMM Studios!
Edited: Pretty Marines Codex  (Thanks Chappy!)


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