Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blood Angels Objective Marker WIP 11/09

I'm posting an update of my Terminator objective marker. The chalice dwarfs the Terminator and as a result I may not incorporate it with this model. Let me know what you think:
Fallen Terminator without chalice
I drilled holes in the Terminator armor where munitions had punched through; the chest wound appears to have caused the fatal blow.
Fallen Terminator with chalice- note the extreme difference in size.
Personally, I like the Terminator without the chalice after combining the two elements on a 40mm base. With regards to my third objective marker, I was advised that I should keep the marker sizes relative to one another. Since I have plans to use 40mm bases for my first two markers, my third should be 40mm as well. To be honest, 60mm seemed a little large to me, and I only considered using it to justify the cool mental image I had of a battle-damaged dreadnought's sarcophagus spilling out it's ancient occupant. That leaves me with one more objective marker that I need to work out for the 20th.


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