Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pregame: Thursday Throw-Down 11/04

You know,
I've posted a handful of army lists since the inception of my blog, Against the Grain. After looking back at some of these lists (with no actual experience fielding them), I have to say some of the disparities are much more prevalent to me, personally.

Last week, Chappy had the time to drop in and throw a 2000 point mixed force against Six and I, simulating an opposing team we might likely face in the upcoming 40K Bits Bash November 20th at Olympic Cards and Comics. I ran a largely mechanized (MEQ) Blood Angels list, really thin on troop choices. My units got plowed, failing to bubble wrap Six's IG units. After the battle, Chappy and Purgatus were kind enough to provide me with suggestions how to better tweak or balance my army with the intention of transforming them from a desktop paperweight into a face-hunting brick. Here is a list I'm going to take out for a test spin; as always constructive criticism is highly appreciated and welcome.
1K Blood Angels
  • HQ Librarian with Shield of Sanguinis and Sword of Sanguinis
  • Elite Sanguinary Priest with combi-melta, and lightning claw
  • Assault Squad (10 man) Sgt w/hand flamer and Power Fist, (2) melta-guns, Rhino transport
  • Assault Squad (5 man) Sgt w/hand flamer, Power Fist, (1) melta gun, Rhino transport
  • Assault Squad (5 man) Sgt w/hand flamer, Power Fist, (1) melta gun, jump packs
  • Fast Attack (1) Baal Predator TL Assault Cannon (TLASSC), Heavy Bolter sponsons
  • Fast Attack (1) Baal Predator Flamestorm Cannon

My idea is to push up the middle, providing a screen for Six's IG units. I have three assault squads (four if I combat squad the 10-man), which should be an improvement over the two, five-man squads I used last week. I want to create enough momentum, ramming this army into my opponents', stealing their focus from Six's army onto mine. It felt weird taking a 5-man assault squad with jump packs, however, I have the option to deep strike this unit, which will hopefully create some late game harassment against my opponent(s). This will be my first time using the flamestorm cannon (and I was hesitant to equip both Baal Preds' with the flamestorm), but it's stats look impressive: Template weapon that negates cover, strength 6/AP3- very few will have the opportunity to roll armor saves against that!

Depending on how this list performs for me, I may add jump packs to the other five-man squad...


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