Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thursday Throw-Down Pre-game: 11/18/2010

Thursday Throw-Down is going to be a lot of fun this week! Six and I will be testing our lists that we hope to field Saturday the 20th at the 40K Bits Bash Teams Tournament! Due to work I won't show up at Olympic Cards and Comics until 7pm PST, however, Six-Deucer will be there sometime after 4pm. Chappy has committed to bringing his army to play, Reknyard will be there later in the evening, and I hope to see Jancoran as well. If you have a 1,000 or 2,000 point 40K army, bring em' down to Olympic Cards and Comics around 5pm for "Thursday Throw-Down"

Last week each of my 1,000 point lists consisted of new elements (units) that I have no prior experience playing. The Sanguinary Guard squad were a little underwhelming, while my assault Terminators proved fun. I made quite a few mistakes last week; (jumping into/out of/through difficult terrain rather than walking/running) cost me two units to dangerous terrain tests, failing to move a squad into assault cost me an objective, forgetting to roll for the Red Thirst at the beginning of a game, and failing to scout move a squad of scouts to name a few. I'm still grasping the concept(s) of deployment- and it shows. A steep learning curve for me, with a couple of draws and a handful of losses to show for my endeavors to present. Rather than get discouraged, I constantly analyze my tactics, performance, and troop choice combination in an effort to improve my game. Eventually, every dog gets lucky- time will tell. In the meantime, I keep a wise old proverb keeps me warm as I continue to plod through 40K, "Losing sucks, never quit!"

If you have the time, stop by Olympic Cards and Comics Thursday night for a little dice "throw down".


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