Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday Throw-Down: 11/11/2010 Pre-Game

With a mere 9 days until the 40K Bits Bash (a "for fun" 2,000 point team tournament that will take place starting at noon at Olympic Cards and Comics), Six-Deucer and I will be meeting up at Olympic Cards and Comics each with a 1,000 point army to play some 40K and practice for the tournament. We'll start tossing dice around 4:30 PST. If you're in the area, or have the time, head on in! Tonight one of our mutual friend, Reknyard (also new to 40K), will be bringing his Space Wolves- it should be a lot of fun!

Getting back to the tournament, Six and I have been fine-tuning our lists to better compliment one another for the event. I mean, take a look at the sort of armies we're up against, and it is a little intimidating. Last Saturday, I got to watch this list in action- one word: Wow! Those Dark Eldar look phenomenal (and they are brutal on the table)! There are going to be a lot of fun and competitive lists that Six and I will have the opportunity to play against. Not only will this tournament challenge the both of us, but I'm hoping we glean valuable lessons' and experience.

Prior to the Bits Bash Gabby (OCC's owner) is going to open the store at 9:00am for a bits swap! Whether you have a ton of bits, or figures to unload (or you're looking to score bits for that latest conversion)- the bits swap will more than likely have it! There is only one rule: Refrain from swapping bits for cash in the store; if you need to "buy" a bit or item, do it with an Olympic Cards and Comics gift card (or store merchandise). This courtesy provides that the store doesn't lose out while hosting this free event. Personally, I like supporting Olympic Cards and Comics. I get to make use of their game tables free of charge 7 days a week, time permitting. Not to mention the fact that Gabby is the coolest gal around!

Last but not least; apparently this morning GW "accidentally" leaked a FAQ describing how to paint "your Storm Raven"...with a picture. Tomalock posted links to the article (that GW later removed from their website). I have one word for the supposed Storm Raven pictured in this article: Yuck!
How do bricks fly in the 41st millennium?
The various kit bashes that fans and players have devised (and shared) with the community are much more visually satisfying than this thing- even the Forge World Cestus looks better!

I preferred the "Crux" version of the Storm Raven shared by Patzgcrux. This is the one that I made following his directions.
I followed the "Crux" pattern kitbash combining a Valkyrie model with bits from a Whirlwind tank. The Crux pattern is sleek, but still looks as though it could carry a Dread onto the battlefield...and most importantly; that it would be piloted by a Space Marine!


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