Saturday, November 13, 2010

1,000 Point Blood Angels List

A week from today I plan to participate in my first tournament, the 40K Bits Bash at Olympic Cards and Comics. The Bits Bash is a teams' tournament, where each team member supplies a 1,000 point army following their relative Force Organization Chart (FOC). Six Deucer, my partner for the tournament, will be fielding Imperial Guard (IG), and I will be bringing a Blood Angels force.

Over the last handful of weeks he and I have met up Thursday nights and practiced 1,000 point force builds (either against each other, or teamed up against guys such as Chappy, Jancoran and Reknyard). Since I am new and relatively inexperienced, Chappy and Purgatus (a contributor from Yes the Truth Hurts) were kind enough to provide me with 1,000 list ideas. Each of their offerings were subtly different, so I played both and noted what elements worked for me. From those elements I created a 1,000 point list that felt comfortable to play which included a Librarian HQ. During last Thursday's play session, I experimented with an assault Terminator squad, and Sanguinary Guard. The Sanguinary Guard were cool, but I didn't care for them as much as a unit of Honor Guard. The Honor Guard get a Sanguinary Novitiate (Priest) built-in to the squad; it is not an independent character and therefore cannot be targeted during an assault. The Honor Guard also have at their disposal so many different types of weapons available as options to four of five squad members. The second coolest thing about the HG unit is that it can take a Chapter Banner (granting each member of that unit an additional attack in the assault phase). With Furious Charge (FC), and a Chaplain providing "to hit" re-rolls, that's an assault steam roller with the potential to annihilate a lot.

What would I pit this unit against? In my limited experience (and time) playing, I would say Death Star units;(HQ units, Monstrous Creatures, Termiantors)...right?
What should I avoid with this unit? Things with higher initiative that deny armor saves?

I have been fielding a Librarian HQ up until now, and quite frankly, I am dissatisfied with the unit based on the games I have played. Perhaps I am not fielding the unit correctly, but in comparison to other HQs' he seems underwhelming. A psychic hood is nice, but absolutely not a guarantee that your opponent's psychic power will be neutralized. Against Tyranids, my Libby was a big paperweight on the table.
I really want to try a Reclusiarch. Yes, perhaps the unit is over priced (30 more points than the Librarian), but he gets a higher BS and Initiative, he has three wounds, he grants fearless to any unit he joins, and boasts a 4+ invulnerable save. The biggest selling point (to me), is the fact that he (and any unit he has joined) may roll failed to-hit rolls in assault combat.

Including a Reclusiarch with an Honor Guard unit seems to have the potential to be a devastating combination. Worth the points?
Opinions, comments, and critiques are most welcome.


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