Monday, November 8, 2010

Blood Angels Objective WIP: Dead Terminator

I cut up a plastic Terminator from an Ebay purchase I made last year.
I'm really excited about participating in my first tournament- The 40K Bits Bash on November 20th at Olympic Cards and Comics. The tournament has been designated a "fun" tournament with a low entry fee, making it accessible and attractive to newcomers such as myself. Honesty- I would be much more hesitant to drop 25-100 bucks to play in a tournament against guys the likes of Chappy, Purgatus, at my current level of play. This tournament promises to be fun due to the simple fact that it is a partners' tournament and Six-Deucer has agreed to be my partner. Six and I have a lot of fun together, and we've known each other for quite a while so it was a no-brainer to ask him to team up for this event.

After some careful filing, I used green stuff to reassemble the Terminator armor so that it would appear to be laying down.

One of the requirements for The 40K Bits Bash is that each contestant have available at least three objective markers. Earlier this May, I purchased the dead terminator sitting on a throne found in the 2009 Space Hulk release for about 7 dollars with the intention of incorporating it into an objective marker! One down, two to go!
The minute I saw this guy, I knew he had to be showcased on the gaming table!
 I've seen a number of cool objective markers utilizing the Space Marine Casualties' figures. I love the sculpts, but they seem to be a popular, and common choice for Space Marine players. With that in mind I decided to pass on the Space Marine casualties in favor of something a little more unique for my Space Marines to fight (and die) for, utilizing the extra figures and bits I have lying around.

For my second objective marker I visualized a dead Terminator marine whose suit belies his mortal wounds. In his lifeless hand, or Terminator glove, a Chalice. I think any respectable Space Marine would want to secure the Crux Terminatus, but no Emperor fearing Blood Angel worth his fangs would allow a Crux Terminatus and a "Dante Goblet" to fall into the hands of the enemy! Now, I had an extra chalice found in the Space Hulk game released last year that would suit this purpose.
I then began to visualize how this would look and decided immediately that the dead marine's face should be visible. That would require a head bit...maybe a skull, or even a rotting or mummified head. I sniffed around on Ebay however, I didn't find a bit or figure that I would want to use. Fortunately, I found a blister pack filled with three pewter zombies released by Reaper Miniatures at Olympic Cards and Comics that would be perfect!

These were the Reaper minis' that I purchased for about 7 dollars. I will use the figure on the left for my dead Terminator, while I think the figure on the right would make a cool Dreadnought occupant!
 Don't think I didn't pass by the Warhammer skeleton box more than once, but I was concerned that the heads would be a little too big for my project. I think a 15-25mm skull or head would look proportionately better and less "toony". By the way, how come there aren't more skeleton sets, or skeleton boxed sets out there?
The Space Marine defended the sacred chalice to the about rolling snake eyes!
After I had cut the Terminator's left leg at the hip join, I cut the figure's left arm above the elbow. I filed down both pieces, cleaning any flash resulting from my hack job. This allowed me to position the Terminator's left leg in a prone position, as well as position the left glove palm up (as shown above). My next step will be to drill a relief in the top portion of the Terminator's chest where the head bit will sit inside the armor, but I may paint the head prior to placing it.

So, does anyone field 60mm based objectives, or are 25mm and 40mm the norm? I have a really neat idea for my third objective, but I think it would require a 60mm base. The idea would incorporate a ruined Dreadnought whose sarcophagus was compromised, exposing the ancient (and mummified) space marine inside.


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