Friday, July 16, 2010

Super Blog Give Away Strikes AtG!

When I returned from my morning run, I learned that I had won Steel Thunder's (a.k.a. Mike) Super Blog Give Away! What was the prize you ask? A brand spankin' new Razorback- "schweet!" Thats right, Steelthunder pimped my Blood Angels "B" squad so that they no longer have to pod' in to the fray. Now "B" squad will arrive to the fight in their blingin' new ride; full assault cannon blazing while bumpin dope beats!

So, let me back up a little bit. Not only am I surfin' an endorphin high, but my body is producing all of this adrenaline because I won a prize! Santa Cruz Warhammer implemented a really cool idea: A chain letter of sorts fashioned for the blogging community. The goal was to create and strengthen ties in the 40K online community and expose readers to new content and contributors.

That leads me to Mike, whose contest I won on his blog, Steel Thunder Gaming. The one thing that sets Steel Thunder Gaming apart from other blogs is that he takes each unique bat-rep and dips it in fluffy, story goodness. Mike has a great imagination and a talent for writing; intertwining fiction into his bat-reps really brings each offering to life. If you haven't all ready, check out his blog, "Steel Thunder Gaming"- you'll be glad you did.

For further consideration:
Steel Thunder Gaming
Santa Cruz Warhammer


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