Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Retro: Ordo Malleus, Inquisitor

The star of this Monday Retro is the second of three Ordo Malleus Inquisitors that I purchased years ago from my Local Games Shop (LGS).
The first thing I noticed upon brushing the dust from this figure is that his armor and clothing seem to be adorned with Xenos iconography. On his right shoulder is what appears to be an Eldar snake, while on his right shoulder a Chaos symbol (?). Below that icon, located on his left shoulder is an infinity symbol...does anyone else smell the taint of chaos? Maybe that's just my toast burning. Anyhow, this was my second favorite Inquisitor in the pack based on the figure's design and pose. The only detraction I see (other than the unusual iconography) is that the shoulders were molded to fit a back pack. I think the figure would have been much more visually pleasing had the shoulder/back area had not been sculpted to accommodate for the back pack.

I had originally purchased the three Ordo Malleus figures to challenge my gangs' in Confrontation (Necromunda). Every once in awhile this guy would crash my underworld fights and clean house, weeding out the weak from my gang.


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