Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Soljourn and a Find: R-97

My wife and I traveled to the Washington coast to celebrate our anniversary and happened upon a unique and wonderful piece of art- stoic and weathered like a silent sentinel.
Cool winds pushed inland from the Pacific Ocean carrying sea spray from the span of beach that Ocean Shores Boulevard runs parallel to. The brim of my baseball cap shielded my eyes from a light summer drizzle, not uncommon in the Pacific Northwest. I had parked our vehicle to marvel at a rusted seahorse that towered over me by at least a foot. Upon closer inspection it appeared as though the creature was made out of bits of scrap iron; horse shoes, tractor teeth, an old pressure plate with a gauge inside...just about anything you can imagine or imagine discarded. Yet, all of this scrap had been fashioned by a very talented individual- I looked about the creature for a signature or other clue that might divulge the identity of it's creator.

My search paid off! I noticed etching on the creature's base, partially obscured by sand and grime. I wiped away sand and grass to find a name; Dan Klennert. Next to his name was a date and a letter/number combination, "R-97". After taking a plethora of pictures using my iPhone, I left R-97 to it's silent watch. It was getting late and my wife and I had to start our journey home.

After uploading my pictures to my computer, I googled Dan Klennert and was rewarded with a link to his official website, "Dan Klennert's Spirits of Iron". On Dan's website he showcases quite a few of his works, including a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex! I emailed Dan and expressed that I had randomly discovered R-97 and how much the sculpture affected me. I explained to Dan how I wanted to share pictures of R-97 with readers of my blog and he gave me his blessing. In fact, Mr. Klennert then invited me to his Sculpture Park, located at the base of Mount Rainier. Yup- Dan has fashioned iron sculptures for his very own park that he shares with the public!

Wow, you talk about a great resource for observing rust and weathering! Take a moment today and follow the links to my pictures of R-97 on photobucket. Stop by Dan's website and enjoy his other sculptures showcased there, and if you're in the area check out Dan's Sculpture Park!

Personally, I'd love to see Dan fashion some 40K stuff- wouldn't that be bad ass?

Further Consideration:
Dan Klennert's Spirit of Iron


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