Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Retro: Confrontation Tech Leader

I remember the first time I read the rules for "Confrontation", a game featured in the pages of White Dwarf magazine describing conflict between hive dwellers on an over-populated, highly polluted 40K planet.

The figures were cheap and easy for me to get a hold of because they weren't Warhammer Fantasy army units, Adeptis Titanicus warmachines, or Warhammer 40K army units. Confrontation (later dubbed "Necromunda") was a skirmish type game pitting rival gangs against one another fighting over resources, turf, and ammunition. I remember I had a bad ass gang of "Teckers" led by this guy ^, "Big Billy Bad Ass" complete with a bionic arm and Astartes flak jacket. The scavvies were always trying to horn in on Billy's stash of tech, but didn't offer much in trade except a few lice ridden garments and some very poorly maintained equipment. Billy saw the worst one day when a roving band of Orks crashed his hood and ransacked the gang. Billy almost bought the farm and lost over half of his followers...stupid juvies!
Man, I remember playing Confrontation A LOT, and usually by myself. It was so much fun, I could get lost for hours thinking up scenarios and back stories for my characters. It was neat how the dice augmented my characters' personalities and my overall game narrative...many came and went, but ole' Billy lingered on.

I used a picture from the Necromunda Wiki because mine wasn't as hot (pictured below)
I think at some point and time, each one of us grow smitten with one particular figure, or character that stands out from all of the rest.
Perhaps it is the sculpt or maybe the slew of lucky dice rolls that separated this figure from the others creating a lasting impression and fond memories for me. I think it was a little of both, and every time I see him I can hear Metallica, taste coca-cola, and remember how this guy turned up the heat in my games of Confrontation.


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