Friday, July 16, 2010

Super Blog Chain Give Away: Against the Grain

This morning I was greeted with some fun news; I had won Steel Thunder's Super Blog Chain Give Away! So in the spirit of the event, I've decided to spread my good fortune along. "What is the Super Blog Chain Give Away", you ask?
It is a prize give-away originated by John over at the Santa Cruz Warhammer blog in order to strengthen and expand the internet wargaming community. Like a pebble cast into placid water, the ripples reverberate and spread across it's surface. Then another. and another. and another...what a torrent!

Want to participate?
If you want to win a prize of your own and join this Give-Away, comment on this blog entry. The rules of the give-away are as follows:

1) You must have a blog.
2) You must have something worthwhile to offer up to give away for free.
3) If you win, you must hold your own blogsite giveaway using the same rules to pay it forward. You must contact me and Santa Cruz Warhammer with a link to your give away so we can send bloggers to your site. 
4) You may only enter once per give away.
To Enter: 
1) Be a follower of this blog (trust me, it'll be worth it!)
2) Leave a comment to this post as follows:
- 1st sentence, why you want or need the prize of your choice.
- 2nd sentence, what you will give away on your blog to pay it forward.

I will choose the winner in four weeks (Friday August 13th) based on the following criteria: How convincing and original your response is, and what you will offer in your blog give away. 
The Swag
Originally, I was going to offer a Space Marine Drop Pod, new and on the sprue. I am actually going to expand on that. The winner of my contest will have the opportunity to choose one of the three following item(s) as their prize:
  • A Space Marine Drop Pod (new and in the box. I may ship out of the box depending on postage costs). 
  • A Tyranid Codex, Fifth Edition (5E) 
  • A set of  brand new and on the sprue Forge World Blood Angel Terminator Shoulder Pads
I will ship free of charge anywhere in the United States. I will pay 5.00 U.S. towards international shipping cost(s), and international winners will be responsible for any outstanding charge(s) above and beyond that amount; shipping world-wide can be very costly, so keep that in mind if your aim is to win!
So, here's your chance to win some killer loot and get some traffic to your blog! Whats there to lose?
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