Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kriegs Update 07/22/10

"Tribute to Death Korp of Kriegs" by Howard33
Guess what was delivered to my email today? An updated FAQ for the Death Korps of Krieg (DKoK) to bring the army in line with current fifth edition Imperial Guard.
Upon initial scrutiny, many units are cheaper and a Commissar General can now be taken as an HQ choice! The Death Rider Command Squad would be fun to field just for coolness factor alone. 6+ invulnerable saves...sweet. Even if the DKoK army list is banned from competitive gaming, they are some of the coolest (and most expensive) 40K figures to exist.

On a personal, but unrelated note, my wife and I have been furiously shopping for a house, and preparing our current diggs for relocation. This has taken precedence over my hobby time- slowing my army building to a crawl. Our house shopping may also result in a sporadic posting schedule for me over the coming days.


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