Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Recruitment Continues: Army WIP

Check out that cutting mat!

Assembly of my Blood Angel army continues in preparation of my 1K point battle with Six-Deucer. I have obtained three melta guns for my assault squad(s) which I will magnetize so that I have the option to swap them out later on. That is my warped cutting mat pictured above; one of the best investments as an art student. Almost 20 years later and the thing still shrugs off knife cuts!

On an unrelated note, on my way home from the airport, I stopped in a Games Workshop store today. For the first time I wasn't swooped upon by shop employees like carrion to roadkill! The store employee greeted me politely, then asked me what brought me into the store. I motioned to the table that he and about six other guys were huddled over- a game of WFB 8, just commencing. He told me if I had any questions he would be more than happy to answer them and then he let me be! I wish this was the new business model for GW shops, however I doubt that is the case- this particular employee was just a cool dude.

I'm not going to say which GW store it was (we have quite a few in my neck of the woods), in case GW "suits" monitor this channel (Ha, too bad suckas!). I will say that my experience today- the relaxed way in which I was greeted and treated, will actually get me to return to that specific GW store in the future. If you are a GW suit and happen to be reading this, please take notes. The way GW employees pounce on you the minute you walk into the shop is annoying and drives potential customers (like me) away.


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