Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vindicator WIP: Magnetized Rhino Chassis

Today being Tuesday, I'm going to enjoy a night of 40K at Olympic Cards and Comics. Yesterday I had a little time that I devoted to assembling two Vindicator tanks that I'd like to use in my list.

I have to say that I didn't have the normal issue(s) assembling the Rhino chassis that previously plagued me, assembling Rhino(s) and Razorbacks (parts not fitting, parts not measuring out properly). Of course this was accomplished by "dry fitting" pieces in a particular portion of the assembly process before gluing- its amazing what screwing up a couple of kits can teach you.

I used rubber bands when gluing the chassis together to ensure it remained straight while the adhesive cured.

Back to the Vindicator:
I fit the top piece of the Vindicator kit over the Rhino chassis and marked off four points where I would drill holes to install magnets. For this job, I'm using rare earth disc magnets .125" x .063".

I began by drilling four holes into the corners of the top that would fit over the tank. I inserted a magnet, flush, into each of the four holes. Then, using a permanent marker (you can use paint instead), I colored each magnet surface prior to 'dry fitting' the piece to the top of the Rhino chassis. This gave me four distinct marks on the Rhino chassis where I could drill and insert a subsequent magnet.

At this point you want to check, then double check the polarity of each corresponding magnet prior to inserting that second set of magnets. There is NOTHING worse than installing a magnet only to find that the polarity is wrong!

I will use green stuff to fill the holes visible in the top armor.

The front assembly (front face with demolisher cannon) and the subsequent siege shield are easily removable from the Rhino chassis. This gives you two more options in the event you want to field Rhinos/Razorbacks/ or some other variant.

Note that I didn't magnetize the additional side armor found in the Vindicator kit. If you want your Predators' and Vindicators' to share a chassis (and want the option to take side sponsons'), then you will need to magnetize the Vindicator's side armor piece(s) as well. I have enough Predator chassis' with magnetized side sponsons, so I decided to save time and glue.

After tonight's gaming, I'll finish assembling the Storm Bolters', green stuff the drilled holes, then prime each tank for painting.

I hope you found this helpful!


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