Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September Slaughter Teams Tourney: My 1K List

'Blood Angel' by Lord Dantes Command

Recently, Dante from Warsound posted that Olympic Cards and Comics would host a 2,000 point teams tournament in the month of September!

Last November, Six-Deucer and I participated in It's sister teams tournament and bravely won one of our three games (lol)! Regardless of the outcome, he and I had a blast and took away some very valuable lessons. Now, ten months later, we are ready to team-up again to take on all foes that would oppose Blood Angels and Death Korps of Krieg!

I was looking back at the list I had built for that event, and with the experience I have gleaned since then, I am able to recognize elements that don't quite fit, or work together. I am still losing more games than I win, and I attempt to take away some form of lesson from each successive spanking!

So it was recently, that I expressed my desire to play a jump-pack army list, and garnered some valuable input from Purgatus, at his blog, "Best Overall". His advice helped me better understand practical application, and use, of the Blood Angel's rule 'Descent of Angels'; to recognize the benefit of the mechanic to an army (rather than dedicating an army to that mechanic). Make sense? Maybe?? Well, it triggered the light bulb above my head.

Having benefit from that knowledge that Purgatus shared with me, I couldn't resist creating a subsequent "jump" list that I am considering as my 1,000 point portion of our team. It is short a deathstar and on invuln saves:
The idea is to push forward with my troops setting up for a second (or third) turn assault. Two squads employ meltas' to burn tanks; each sgt. equipped with a power fist for the 'big nasty' (I'm sure a few of you are visualizing something other than a walker, monstrous creature, or tank- heh). My third assault squad will be tasked with burning heretics out of cover. This is my wound-soaking unit that will screen my PF squads into position- the tip of the arrow. Inside the arrow are my Honor Guard complete with Novitiate providing FnP/FC and equipped with combi-plasma guns'.  These guys hang back buffing the BA troops, while rapid-firing at stuff.

This list doesn't feel like a thrill-ride filled with nasty HQ choices, or elite death-stars. Rather, its more akin to Morgan Freeman driving Miss Daisy. Quiet. Unassuming...with potential to be really annoying. What do you think? Thoughts. Suggestions. Criticism would be most welcome!


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