Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wow: Raging Heroes

When Six and I first started amassing our relative armies (he the Death Korp of Kriegs; me the Blood Angels), he treated me to Land Raider doors from Forge World. Later he set aside a FW plasma gun for a Mephiston kit-bash I had in mind.

One day, perusing different blogs and forums, I happened upon a link to the Raging Heroes website. I happened upon Kapitan Ivanka and immediately decided it was time for me to return the favor and surprise Six with a little gift of my own.

I wasn't sure how he would feel about a big-breasted, stiletto-healed Commissar, but the figure itself appeared to have such beautiful detail, and so many options that I finally caved and purchased it (at the risk that Six may reject the miniature outright).

I plan to base and paint the figure for Six (in his army's color scheme(s) of course) and gift it to him in time for our Teams Tournament January 28th.

I was able to show him the figure last weekend to see if he would actually like it...
Upon inspecting the miniature his jaw dropped in approval- Score!

What I really liked about the kit was the amount of bits that came with the figure: Two different, unique swords, and three gas masks that fit over the figure's face.

Raging Heroes not only offer cheap shipping, but the figure arrived prompt and well packaged (I'm not referring to the Commissar's assets) via USPS.

I can't recommend this company enough- here is hoping that they allocate more resources to sci-fi stuff!


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