Saturday, September 10, 2011

Status Update: WiPs Including Astorath Fine Cast

I have managed a considerable amount of hobby time over the last week. As a result, I have been able to complete models, magnetize them, and begin the basing process.
I had hoped to finish basing my 1,000 point army for the September Slaughter Teams' Tournament last night, so that I could begin painting today. Unfortunately, I wanted to add more detail to model bases, and as a result I won't make my deadline.

Here are a few pictures of my Works in Progress (WIPs):

This brave Terminator fights on; eviscerated and literally falling apart- talk about a candidate for Dreadnaught status! He will make a fine addition as one of my objective markers'.

What you can't see are the hollowed out portions of the Terminator's trunk and legs; inside are bone bits from a GW Skeletons' kit. The chalice is from the 2009 Space Hulk board game (Games Workshop, you really need to re-release that thing). The Terminator trunk is an old Ebay purchase, whereas, I used the Terminator legs from the Dark Angels veteran box.

My Baal Predator is assembled for the most part. Extra details and peripherals I will primer separately, then attach after painting the primary body of the tank. You can see a Rare Earth magnet was glued to the dozer blade.

I included a picture of my Baal Predator's heavily magnetized turret and Flamestorm cannon. I glued two 0.125 inch diameter x 0.0625 magnets to the back of the cannon, and two to the base of the gun with the Blood Angels shielding which attaches to the turret itself.

Finally, I purchased a Finecast Astorath the Grim from Olympic Cards and Comics. Flashing was easy to remove, and inside the package an extra axe had been included. I chose the better looking of the two to utilize with this figure. Having owned a metal version of Astorath, I have to admit that I am very impressed with the measure of detail the Finecast version of the model.

Now, GW's 'Finecast' kits are made from a resin composite and claim that it is not harmful (or toxic). For more information see this link.

Not pictured are five finished Death Company Space Marines, a Death Company dreadnaught, and basing for my Stormraven. I'll snap subsequent pictures for the blog- now to paint!

In the meantime, I am applying Simple Green to five Plasma-Gun Space Marines that I will utilize as my Honor Guard. Time permitting, I'm going to kit-bash five Grey Knight Storm Bolters' into combi-plasma guns'.


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