Tuesday, September 13, 2011

09/13/2011 Status Update: WIPs

Stop what you are doing. Listen carefully...

Do you hear that? The sound of angels singing? I finally primed some of my army.

No shit!

Over the last week I have devoted my free time to my army. Tonight, I was able to prime those units in preparation to paint them. The inspiration came while listening to an Independent Character podcast. The guys were talking about the social contract of the game, including providing your opponent with a modeled and painted army to play against. Many of my units are not only incomplete- most of them also lack paint of any kind.

Its thrilling and inspirational for me to see Purgatus, Six-Deucer, Jancoran, Don, or Scinister place their beautifully painted army on the table. My goal is to elicit a similar feeling once my army gets a little color!

My Veteran Assault marine will be a part of a diorama on my Stormraven's base! I plan to have the marine launching himself at a pack of skeleton warriors! To create the Storm Shield I used bike fairing found on a Dark Angels' upgrade sprue, and a combat shield found in the assault squad box!
Don's Stormraven bases look so amazing, I was inspired to try to do something cool with all of that real estate. I decided to use all of that space to create a diorama.
Here is my Stormraven base. I used ballast and cork board to represent earth and rock.

"Fight! Fight to the last man! To fall in battle is to honor the Emperor and Sanguinius himself!"
I'll let the primer set, and check on them tomorrow. While writing this blog entry, I realized that I didn't primer Dante and Astorath the Grim. Guess I'll do it later today! In the meantime, September Slaughter is now less than a week away- hope to see you there!


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