Monday, September 19, 2011

Against the Grain Give Away: Sergeant Aurelius!

"Do you want to win me?"

We are on the doorstep of Fall, waving good bye to Summer. Back to school. Back to work. Back to short, cold, dark days...and the perfect time for a give-away!

 Givin' The Sarge a Home

On October 21st 2011, I'm going to select at random one lucky person. That person will win a limited edition 2005 Games Day Space Marine, Sergeant Aurelius! I scooped up this figure off of Ebay for a steal, but I already own a Sgt. Aurelius! However, I'm sure someone out there would love to own this guy. Lets give him away!

Whose eligible to participate? Anyone that follows my blog. If you don't follow my blog, take solace- you won't be excluded from the fun! Simply leave a comment in this blog post with your name (or persona) and that you want a chance to win Sergeant Aurelius!

I will draw one name on Friday, October 21st, and announce the winner here on my blog. That winner will have five days to contact me (on the blog, or via the email associated with my blogger account) in order to claim their prize. If that lucky person fails to contact me within the allotted time, I will draw a subsequent name and provide them with the same dead-line. I will continue to draw a name until which time someone claims the prize!

No purchase necessary. Following my blog is not necessary. I will need a valid mailing address from the winning participant in order to mail the swag! I will pay for the postage to have this figure mailed to the winner, however, I am not responsible for lost or stolen mail once he ships!

Now, 'the Sarge' had been a previous victim to a poor paint job, which I have kindly 'Simple Greened' away for him, though some of the paint remains. There are some left-over traces of the paint, but nothing that can't be scrubbed and picked away.

So, lets kick the Autumn doldrums off with a bang and some free sh*t! Good luck!


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