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September Slaughter: 2K Team Tournament September 24th 2011!

A team-mate can provide excellent cover!

September Slaughter: 40K 2,000 Point Teams Tournament

When:Saturday, September 24th 2011 Edit: Date moved to Saturday, September 17th 2011
Where: Olympic Cards and Comics
What: 2,000 point 40K Team Tournament. Each team member fields a 1,000 point army.
Time: To be determined.
Buy-In: 15.00 bucks per person.
The Skinny as copy/pasted from Warsound:

"Find  a  partner  for  this  Septembers  team  tournament.  Last  year  we  had  an  amazing  turn  out  of  around  44  players.  With  that  many  players  we  had  some  serious  prize  money.  
 I  would  ask  any  of  you  that  play  outside  OCC  or  post  on  blogs  /forums  in  the  Puget  Sound  area  to  please  re-post  this  invite.  OCC  is  a  big  store,  lots  of  tables  and  has  massive  parking,  no  reason  not  to  try  and  fill  it  up.
 2000  Point  team  tournament.
 2  person  teams  w/1000  points  for  each  player.
 Each  player  must  meet  their  own  force  organization  requirements.
 $15  per  person
 Please  have  with  you  the  following:
 •  Your  army
 •  3  Objective  Markers
 •  Tape  Measure  or  any  device  needed  to  measure  distance
 •  5  copies  of  your  army  lists
 •  Your  codex  (no  photocopies  or  pirated  versions!)  and  any  updated  FAQs.
 •  Dice  (D6s  and  Scatter  Dice)
 •  Templates
 Can  allies  be  used?
 Yes  they  can,  if  allowed  in  a  normal  list.
 Can  wargear  and  special  rules  like  synaps  or  other  such  area  effect  rules  benefit  the  other  army  in  that  team?
 No.  Special  rules  like  Sanguinary  priests  6"  area  effect  of  feel  no  pain  can  not  be  used  to  provide  FNP  to  tau  fire  warriors
 For  all  intents  and  purposes  each  team  has  2  separate  and  distinct  armies  that  happen  to  not  be  killing  one  another  in  order  to  focus  on  the  other  2  armies  on  the  other  team.
 Will  there  be  a  minimum  paint  requirement  for  models'  and  units'?  NO,  however  paint  will  be  a  deciding  factor  in  obviously  best  paint  but  also  best  overall.  
 Will  I  need  to  submit  my  list  to  you  (or  another  organizer)  for  verification  prior  to  the  tourney?  Yes
 Should  I  be  prepared  to  provide  a  copy  of  my  list  to  each  of  my  potential  opponent(s)?  Yes
 Will  the  tournament  allow  for  "counts  as"  units'  and  equipment,  or  will  it  be  strictly,  "WYSIWYG"?  While  It  is  not  WYSIWIG,  best  efforts  are  still  expected.  If  for  example  you  have  a  model  that  is  supposed  to  be  a  Combi-flamer  but  you  have  none  then  do  your  best  to  represent  it,  and  tell  your  opponent  before  the  game  starts.
 Scenario  1:        Kill  them  all!  let  the  Gods  sort  them  out.
 Deployment:  Pitched  12"
 Type:  Annihilation
 This  is  a  standard  KP  mission  as  defined  in  the  40K  rule  book  with  the  exception  of  1  objective  placed  in  the  center  of  the  board.
 Whoever  manages  to  have  the  most  units  within  6"  of  this  objective  when  the  game  ends  get  +4  KP  and  will  also  be  used  as  tie  breaker(the  score  is  9  to  9  but  team  "A"  had  the  center  objective  team  "A"  wins).  If  no  one  is  within  6"  whoever  has  the  closest  unit  gets  +2  KP
 Scenario  2:         Secure  the  Objectives.
 Deployment:  Dawn  of  War
 Type:  Seize  Ground
 This  is  a  standard  seize  ground  mission  as  defined  in  the  40K  rule  book.  there  is  4  objectives  placed  in  the  center  of  each  corner  plus  1  in  the  middle  of  the  board.  Whoever  holds  the  most  objectives  at  the  end  of  the  game  wins.  In  case  of  tie  whoever  controls  the  center  objective  Wins.  If  no  one  controls  the  center  objective  calculate  KP  to  break  the  tie.
 Scenario  3:         All  your  base  are  belong  to  us.
 Deployment:  Corners
 Type:  Capture  and  Control.
 This  is  a  modified  version  of  capture  and  control.  Once  deployment  zones  are  decided  each  team  will  place  their  objective  in  the  center  of  the  adjacent  corner  on  their  board  edge.  Whoever  controls  the  most  objectives  at  the  end  of  the  game  wins  If  tie  whichever  team  kills  the  most  HQs  of  the  other  team  wins.  If  tie  remains  use  KP.  
 The  above  should  look  familiar,  they  are  a  slightly  modified  version  of  last  years  Team  missions.
 I  am  looking  forward  to  a  good  day  of  gaming  and  fun  to  be  had  by  all.

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Last November, Six-Deucer and I participated in a similar 2,000 point 40K teams tournament- The Bits Bash. Man, we were like deer in headlights in the actual tournament. Shawn was gracious and loaned me his sniper squad (at the time I didn't own sniper scouts).

I remember how much fun we had investing hours into our team's lists' and tactics. Pouring over our relative codices and nit-picking through our units. I dug up my list that I used in that 2010 tournament, and can see some glaring mistakes. I mean, an Honor Guard with PW and shields? No Plasma Guns? One 10-man assault squad, a 5-man assault squad, and a 5-man scout squad? One Baal Pred? I have a lot to learn, and room to grow, but I like the fact that I can find critical mistakes or poor point allocation in this list that I wrote less than a year ago. I mean, take a look at this list!

What was I thinking?! In our defense, Six and I had a pretty cool thing going on. He would use his allies to lower a unit's leadership, then I would fire at that unit with my snipers, or Fear them with my Libby. It was a neat tactic,  if not very optimized.

I don't feel as lost as I did last year, having a better grasp on game and rules fundamentals'. Less exasperation fretting over rules, or which units should attack what, will mean more fun! Likewise, I think I can put together a list to better challenge our opponents.

So, if you're going to be in the neighborhood on the 24th, then bring a partner and join the melee at Olympic Cards and Comics! Hope to see you there.


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