Friday, August 5, 2011

Dragon Flight 2011

Dragon Flight 32 2011:
Ralph Shelton was kind enough to pass on the following information about Warhammer and Warhammer 40K at this year's Dragon Flight event- a 2,000 point tourney with prize support!

Games Workshop Tournament Details

This year's GW event will be a 2000 point tournament using One Standard Force Organization Chart. WYSIWYG required with Special Characters Allowed within codex guidelines. There will be 3 rounds on Saturday, 2 rounds on Sunday. Registration and Check-in opens up at 8:00am Saturday and the first round begin at 9:00am.
Magic the Gathering: M12 Game Day Event details

Date/Time: Saturday, 2PM - 8PM

Buy In: $10

What to Bring: Pre-Built Deck - Standard Type 2 (Preferably featuring cards from the new M12 set), Method for Tracking Life Totals

Prize Pool: Depends on # of entrants (Max 36). (2 packs per player go into the pool)

Notes: Please arrive early to register and fill out deck list

Warmachine/Hordes 35 Point Steamroller Tournament details

Date/Time: Saturday, 11AM Sign In, Noon - 10PM Event

Duration: Depends on # of entrants (Max 32). 6-10 hours.

Buy In: $5

What to Bring: Models (Basic Painting Required), Stat Cards, Dice, Measuring Devices, Tokens, Markers, and Templates required for their army. 2 copies each (printed or legibly handwritten) of up to 2 army lists. (The same Warcaster/Warlock can not be used in both lists) A copy of the SR2011 scenario reference sheet.

Prize Pool: Coins Awarded to Top Three Players

Notes: Please arrive by 11AM to register and turn in Army Lists

Suggested to become familiar with Official Steamroller Tournament Rules:

Privateer Pres Steamroller Rules.

Dragon Flight 32 Official Web Page


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