Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tuesday Throwdown 08 09 2011

I didn't get to play 40K last night due to working 60 hours this week. I did, however, manage an hour to work on completing my Storm Raven.
While magnetizing it's weapons, I was reminded of just how sloppy my kit bash had been. The Vendetta door is completely out of alignment with the vehicle's body, so there is a considerable gap on one side- and it is obvious (edit: I'll add some pictures into this post later today). Sometimes it seems that GW's plastic kits do not fit together as intended- often warped or something (This was evident when working on the hulls' of my Razorbacks). I'm curious as to how my readers resolve this problem if/when they encounter it? Soak the plastic in hot water? I look forward to your input!

I also tinkered with my 2000 point list. I dropped the lightning claws from the priests in exchange for a dozer blade on each of my four tanks. Then, I removed an assault sergeant's melta bomb and allocated my remaining points to purchase extra armor for my Furioso dread. The last two games I played, Furioso was target number 2-3 depending on what I had on the board at the time (One being my Storm Raven, two Mephiston). I remember a handful of instances when the dread was stopped dead in it's tracks with a stunned result on the vehicle damage table. I figured I'd play test the extra armor on the dread for a time and see if it improves it's survivability getting into combat. This has left my current army with a shortage on power weapons (only two sergeants carrying a power fist). Worst case scenario, I could always drop a speeder and allocate those remaining points to power weapons for my priests and sergeants. Thoughts?

 Six-Deucer changed up his list, so I am very interested to hear how it performed last night. With a little luck, he'll post a bat rep!


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