Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tuesday Throwdown 08/23

Hydra's love eating Storm Raven's for lunch! Numnumnum!

Tuesday, Six and I were able to get a portion of a game in before Olympic Cards and Comics closed. We played Annihilation, with Dawn of War (surprise!) deployment. I tweaked my list ever so slightly to include a magna-grapple for my Furioso:

Initially, we tied for first turn, but a subsequent roll-off proved me the victor. I reserved my two landspeeders and my five-man jump squad. Six reserved Marbo, and a squadron of two sentinels. Due to the night-fighting rules of Dawn of War- my units' shooting that first turn proved highly ineffectual.
On the other hand, Six was able to destroy my Storm Raven (I should add that I mistakenly attempted to pop smoke with my Raven, but the oversight was corrected. I really thought I had smoke launchers on that thing!). Mephiston and my Furioso would be walking the rest of the game!

Over the course of the game Six and I exchanged blows pretty consistently. His Valkyries did a great job of soaking up shots. Eventually, I downed one, but the second shrugged off the remaining munitions I threw at it. Mephiston performed as expected in this game- utterly vanquishing anything he came into contact with. Still, at 23:45 hours when we received our fifteen minute warning (at the bottom of turn four) I had earned 5 kill points to Six's 7. Those Razorback transports and Landspeeders added up- and really hurt me this game.
Six hadn't counted the kill points prior to congratulating me. I think he was a little shocked when I showed him the tally (and that he had indeed won).

In all it was a good game. I deployed much better- and more confidently. I kept my Storm Raven in the center of my troops. Likewise, I pushed up my Predators 12 inches in my first turn (rather than six), which provided a screen for my units in the initial turn. Mephiston was my MVP (Mephy usually is if he can survive long enough to engage the enemy).

What I would have done differently:

Six's set-up is pretty dynamic: He places a tank between an existing squadron, in turn providing both units a cover save against side shots (they sit butt-up against his table edge). I set-up side shots with my landspeeders against the squadron, rather than front shot(s) against the lone tank in the middle. Another disappointment for me was the fact that I didn't earn a kill point for each vehicle in a squadron I destroyed, rather I earned one kill point for the squadron itself- yeesh.

In my last assault, Mephiston faced-off against a veteran squad and a priest. I should have split my attacks evenly upon the priest and the squad- which I didn't. Mephy could have easily ruined the priest (another kill point), and still earned a couple of kills on the vets. Oh well, next time!

Finally, I love my speeders, but they are seriously lacking heavy flamers. I'm going to reevaluate my list and determine where I should pull those points for at least one heavy flamer. I know I can remove the magna from the Furioso- that would get me one heavy flamer with 5 points left over. Thoughts?


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