Friday, June 29, 2012

6th Edition T-Minus...

Today is a very exciting one! Last night I received a sweet surprise in the mail, pictured below:

If that weren't enough 6th edition 40K is dropping Saturday and my FLGS, Olympic Cards and Comics, will be allocating pre-orders (and selling copies) at 00:01 hours PST while supplies last. Gooooood stuff! A few of the guys plan on playing 6th up to release time to get a feel for the new rules! So, if you're in the 'hood bring your plastics and stop in!

I'm excited to apply the new rules to my army Blood Angels (and the smaller force I have been accumulating, Space Wolves). I think both play off of one another very well when 6th edition leaks are applied. However, I have been fantasizing of a Blood Angels/Kriegs team-up that would not only be visually stunning (Those DKoK Forge World models are jaw-dropping), but potentially lethal on the table as well!

I may have to accept the fact that close combat is no better (maybe worse) in 6th than it was in 5th. As I've shared previously, when I hopped back into the hobby after years of absence, I wanted to play a CC-centric force that specialized in assault. In playing the game, my opinion of assault moved from one of strategy, to a tactic in order to accomplish a strategy.

I will say that under the new Rage USR, Death Company are even more tempting for their points. Even DC Tycho is starting to look good!

With my new toy (pictured above) I will retire my Infinity to graphic design and detail work only (ohhh the clogging). Needless to say I am very excited to begin painting my plethora of gray plastic(s) with this puppy. Expect picture-heavy WIPS as I find the time to devote to my models over the coming months- work permitting of course.

As the sun sets on 5th Edition 40K, I have to admit I am ecstatic. A fresh rules set that should promise some very fun (and challenging) games in the coming year.

Have fun and be safe! I'll leave you with some very inspiring music that will always remind me of 5th edition (I modeled and painted to this one, A LOT):


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