Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

I want to wish everyone a happy, and safe, 4th of July. I'm reading through my 6th edition rulebook and taking notes on aspects that I think will change the way I play my Blood Angels. When I'm satisfied, I'll post my notes to share with readers.

I am very happy with the new rules thus far. There is enough consistency for competitive play, yet GW has made it the 6th Edition mission statement to 'build a narrative'. I like it.

I was very resistant to flyers due to the size of the game (6ft x 4ft) board. Initial impression is that flyers have been treated in such a way that I don't think will break my immersion. I've got a kitbashed Storm Raven, and an actual GW kit to experiment with. I did notice that the SR cannot fire all of its missiles in one turn (heh, bummer). I usually whiffed more than 50% anyways (in the handful of times that I wasn't using my Storm Raven as a slingshot delivery system for nasty assault units). 

Games at 2K or more allow the inclusion of allies, a second FOC, and purchased scenery. I almost purchased the Imperial Strongpoint for 90 bucks before the price hike went live. I probably should have, as now the set is at a hefty 136 bucks. I want to experiment with scenery, as it is one sure way to obtain anti-air for relatively cheap.

I'll be working this Holiday, enjoying my 6th Ed. book, and lighting off explosives in celebration of this Country's Independence.

Have fun, and be safe!


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