Monday, June 25, 2012

Mantic: Kings of War Free Rules Download

Battle Nuns: One of the concepts added as a result of the kickstarter program.

Amidst the flurry of 6th Edition 40K, a quiet little kickstarter proved more successful than Mantic had anticipated- generating over $350,000!

As a result, Mantic has provided the official rules for Kings of War as a PDF download, free! If you're interested, follow the link, here:

Kings of War Rules

I'm closely watching KoW and Mantic proper, as the Company is professing clean, concise rules that competitive players will appreciate. That by no means is a knock against 'Fluff Bunnies'. Mantic has provided permission to augment, reproduce, change and finally distribute (free) home-brewed rules. It seems that Mantic just want players to have fun- and understand that the definition of 'fun' is subjective.

As the KoW kickstarter was so popular, Mantic plans to launch a similar Kickstarter for their SF game somewhere in the future. Hopefully, Mantic will give their fans some time to mend their broken wallets!

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