Saturday, June 16, 2012

Local Tournament Schedule: June- July

Gabi, owner of Olympic Cards and Comics is hosting two unique 40K tournaments that I want to share with my readers. There will be prize support- and who can't resist booty?

I can't!

Darkreaver 1750 40K Tournament June 30th 2012 at Olympic Cards and Comics

First up is the Darkreaver 1750 pt. 40K Tournament June 30th 2012 at Olympic Cards and Comics.
I assume dice drop at 11:00 (I'll let Darkreaver clarify if that isn't the case). Standard FOC, missions are top secret, secondary objectives are posted. There is a week left to preregister (which will save you five bucks), or you can pay twenty bucks the day of the tournament. Below is a link to Darkreaver's announcement covering instructions and other such things such as his painting rubric (I have to admit after listening to episode 120 of 11th Company's podcast I never want to hear that word spoken again...heh). In order to participate you will need to post or PM Darkreaper your list that you plan to bring.

The tournament should prove to be a blast, and there are going to be some talented players participating, which should make the games challenging.

Apocalypse 2012 40K Tournament July 28th 2012 at Olympic Cards and Comics

Next in line is the APOCALYPSE 40K Tournament July 28th 2012 at Olympic Cards and Comics. Dice drop at 11:00, again fairly standard since the store opens at 10:00. This tournament boasts some truly wonky, if not fun rules that participants can take advantage of in order to obtain a slight edge over the competition...such as Chaos Lolipops! Who wouldn't consume a Chaos lolipop in order to channel a special power from a relative Chaos Faction? Will candy flavors  reflect their relative Chaos Power?


If that weren't enough, those Rogue Traders are apparently dealing in dark deeds offering up a dance with Fate to the highest bidder- up to four to be exact! Each contestant is awarded a raffle ticket, which allows one dice reroll in the Tournament (wording suggests that it is not per game). Contestants can max out their dice rerolls to four by purchasing additional raffle tickets- and at the end of the day those tickets will be entered in a raffle for swag- cooool.

Two fun events in two months:

Apocalypse 2012

Darkreaver 1750 40K Tournament

Follow the above links for further information, registration, etc. Good luck, and hope to see you there!


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