Friday, June 15, 2012

6th Edition, Mantic, Status Update!

So, in just a couple of weeks 6th will be available for pre-order (if not actually on the shelves). I'm very excited, and am going to remain optimistic for a more concise set of game rules.
I became 40K curious in 2009, and after watching a couple of bat-reps by Jawaballs, I decided I wanted to play an assault oriented army. The Blood Angels codex let players choose assault marines as a troop choice, so naturally I gravitated to Blood Angels.

6th may provide me the opportunity to play a jump pack list more effectively if some of the leaked rumors turn out to be true. That's pretty exciting seeing as how I have amassed quite a few assault marines over the last two years.

Admittedly, Games Workshop frustrates me at times. The lack of competitive support for their Xenos codices, along with the Grey Knights codex leads me to wonder if any actual gamer is piloting the ship in Nottingham? Those disparities coupled with price increases, muddy rules, and a poor disposition with regard to competitive gamers' has left my eye wandering.

And wandered it has...

I purchased a Dust Warfare rulebook recently (and am still waiting for delivery). I was impressed with the minis' and the fact that Andy Chambers was involved in the project was enough to pique my interest. I know there are a few guys that play Dust locally, so finding games shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Some time ago, I happened upon Mantic's Kings of War Kickstarter program. The pledges have reached such a milestone, that a 110 dollar pledge will score a lot of swag. Ronnie Renton has such charisma when he's hawking this game, that I'm almost convinced to drink the Kool Aid, and drop a benjie on this bad boy. There are a few days left, so I don't have much longer to decide.

I will stick with 40K unless 6th Edition is really hosed, however  I'm going to sate my curiosity by exploring other games and Game Companies- having a fall back is always a good thing.

In the meantime, I'm going to paint up a couple of minis' for Six-Deuce, as our schedules actually allowed for some dice throwin' next week. I'm looking forward to dusting off my Blood Angels for at least one more round of 5th Edition 40K. Maybe I'll post some bat-reps if the games warrant it.


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