Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Current 2,000 Point BA List

After some trial, and lots of error (error related more to my 'generalling , or lack thereof) I have settled on a list that provides me utility at the expense of fun assault.

This list actually leads me away from large, fun assault units; instead favoring Multiple Small Units MSU).

Mephiston and Friends (2,000 Point Blood Angels)
  • 250 Mephiston
  • 60 Sanguinary Priest w/combi-melta
  • 185 (x4) 5-man Assault Squad(s). 1 Melta Gun. (4) Sgt(s). w/Infernus Pistol(s). Razorback Transport(s) with Dozer Blade, and Las/ TL Plas turret
  • 170 (x2) 5-man Assault Squad(s). 1 Melta Gun. Razorback Transport(s) w/Dozer Blade, and Las/TL Plas turret
  • 120 (x2) Baal Predator(s) with Dozer Blade
  • 70 Land Speeder w/ Heavy Flamer and Multi-Melta
  • 150 (x2) Vinidcator Tank w/Dozer Blade

As other 40K generals have illustrated way before this post, Las/Plas offers the best bang for your buck:
  • Two unique weapons (one more weapon destroyed result on the vehicle damage table)
  • Both AP2
  • Plasma Gun is rapid fire (2 shots if transport moved six inches or less, and distant to target is 12 inches or less)
  • Great against armor and other transports (or meaty 2+/3++ units when focus-fired)

Utilizing MSU(s) in the form of 5-man assault squads strapped inside Razorback transport- six to be exact. Each Razorback is outfitted with a dozer blade (hedgerows' beware!), and a Las-Cannon/Plasma Gun (Las/Plas). Melta + Infernus Pistols are included to melt anything AV13 or higher. One squad goes it with a sole melta gun-

"Roll exceptional, boys!"

Baals get scout (or can outflank in a pinch). Since my Baals are usually moving 12 inches,

Am I the only one that hears AC/DC's Big Balls whenever there is a Baal Predator reference?

I allocated sponson points toward the Land Speeder (LS). That LS will provide me with at least one multi-melta shot (hitting 50% of the time) per game, and a heavy flamer (which usually survives as long as the LS). I don't like scatter dice, but I do love the psychological effect two Vindicators have on my opponent.

Rumor has it that Michael Bolton was the inspiration for Mephiston's appearance...

Finally, that silly Mephiston is a great anti-CC unit. In my local meta Mephiston is worth taking, as he doesn't get locked-down often. He is costly, but his utility (and the psychological effect the unit has on an opponent) is worth it.

So, each turn of shooting this list has the capability of generating 6 Las Guns and/or 6-12 Plasma Gun shots, 8 Assault Cannon shots, two str. 10 template(s), 10 melta shots (9 on subsequent turns). Unfortunately, this list is one big paper pinata in a Kill Point (KP) mission- all my opponent has to do is nudge it a couple of times with a stick for those juicy KPs.

Thoughts or suggestions? Is there anything I missed?

Purgatus responds:
'A few things. One, on a Blood Angels tank, you can move 12" and still rapid fire your Plasma Gun (or shoot it once up to 24"). If you move six you can rapid fire the Plasma AND shoot the Lascannon, so 3 shots at targets within 12" and 2 at targets within 24".

Second, I'm not sure that the Dozer blades are worth it for Las/Plas. They are "nice" but are they 50 points nice? You could almost buy another Speeder for that. For TL Heavy Flamers... yes, get dozer blades - you NEED to be able to drive through terrain to shake and bake. If you happen to immobilize a Plasback though... it's not that big of a deal. And they don't HAVE to go into terrain as much.I would favor Autolas Predators over Vindicators, but I understand why they are cool.Finally, I'm not sure you need 6 double melta units in this army. 4 is probably enough. The other units can have flamers which would, together with dropping the Dozer Blades, get you your speeder. And give you some nice anti-infantry.'


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