Friday, October 21, 2011

Battlefield 3 October 25th!

A little unrelated from the hobby, but I LOVE this amazing game so sue me.

Dice launched the official BF3 game trailer:

I played multiplayer alpha and beta, and let me just say how AMAZING this game is! I love FPS, namely the Battlefield series, and some years back I joined a great clan called the Devil Dogs. The clan was formed way back in the days of 'Day of Defeat'. Subsequent games brought in new members (such as BF bringing me and my buddy Psyko to the fold).

If you're thinking about this game (and you enjoy multi-player FPS) then get it! If you're looking for a clan, check out the Devil Dogs web site.  We will have our own BF3 64-man Conquest server, and that information will be plastered on the website once the game goes live.

One more video to leave you with: See if you can spot "Karkand".

Hope to see you ingame!


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