Friday, October 14, 2011

WIP: Kapitan Ivanka Kuganova

I was able to whip up a base for the good Kapitan this morning:

I drilled a hole in her right foot to secure a small piece of paper clip that would better secure the figure to it's 28mm base.

Unfortunately the process may have created a small fracture in the figure's right ankle...I may use JB Weld to Reinforce it (unless a reader knows of a better option).

For the base I used a headstone and skull from a skeletons' box, a piece of sprue, and some coarse ballast. I arranged the various components in green stuff which I created texture using dentist's tools.

Tonight I'll use PVA glue and ballast to add dirt/rocks to the base as well. I'll wait 24 hours to prime then paint the figure. I'm going to use the DKoK paint guide found on 'First Rank, Second Rank', per Six-Deucer's preference.

I'm really excited to paint this figure- Raging Heroes did an amazing job with this sculpt.


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