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Tuesday Throwdown 06/28/11

"We are simply numbers. Numbers that fulfill the Emperor's will."

Last week, I met up with friends at Olympic Cards and Comics (OCC) and played my first 40K game in over six months. This week, I applied new elements to my list that I wanted to try. I kept the Vanguard Vets and removed the jump packs from the rest of my assault squads in favor of Rhinos. I wanted to revisit mech (MEQ) in order to compare and contrast with jump pack units. Following is my list:

Librarian w/ Shield of Sanguinius and Unleash Rage
Honor Guard w/ four melta guns in Razorback w/ Twin-Linked (TL) Heavy Flamer

Furioso Dreadnought w/flamer and Blood Talons
Sanguinary Priest

(2) 10-man Assault Squads w/ 2x melta gun; One Sgt. with Power Fist and Infernus Pistol (the other Sgt. sported a Lightning Claw). Both Squads rode in a Rhino transport.
(1) 10-man Assault squad w/ 2x melta gun; Sgt. with Power Fist and Infernus Pistol with a Land Raider Crusader as transport.
(1) 10-man Tactical Squad with Flamer and Missile Launcher

Fast Attack:
Vanguard Veteran squad (5) w/Lightning claw, 2x Melta Bomb(s); Sgt. Thunder Hammer.

Heavy Support:
Vindicator Tank

I played Annihilation, table corners, against Six's Kriegs Army- Six winning the initiative. My Librarian and Priest piled into the Crusader which spearheaded toward Matt's forces. The distance seemed substantial, and later it was pointed out that our table was actually too long. Not as detrimental to a "shooty", or ranged army such as the Imperial Guard (IG) compared to a close/assault force such as Blood Angels. As you can see, my list had 0 long-range support. Fortunately, for me, my fast vehicles covered the distance adequately, and Six's dice rolls were unusually poor. My Furioso Dread' shrugged off multiple attacks being poured into him, while the Crusader refused to flinch at the Krieg's line "bubble-wrapping" his "castled" mechanized (mech) units. My Honor Guard's Razorback was immobilized at the top of turn two, effectively neutralizing it for the rest of the game. This lone Razorback would actually prove to be my MVP as it drew a considerable amount of weapons fire from Six, in what should have been an easy kill point. Instead of crumbling under the pressure, that Razorback soaked it all up like a thirsty sponge! This allow my units to advance in a two-pronged assault on Six's units with relative impunity!

My Vanguard Vets arrived at the bottom of turn two (thank you, Descent of Angels). Ignorantly, I allocated them to attack Six's troops protecting his front line. Attached to this unit was Yarrik- whom I quickly developed a measure of respect for by the end of our game. I should have dropped my vets adjacent to Six's second Valkyrie which sat isolated on my side of the board, in the opposing corner to my army's starting position. My vets valiantly held the line for two turns of close-combat with Yarrik, ultimately dying by his hand. Then I made the mistake of disgorging my HQ unit with his 10-man assault squad from the bowels of my Crusader providing Six with all sorts of succulent targets to pop in his shooting phase. My original intent was to assault a unit of vets secure in a transport within six inches of my assault marines. However, after the Chimera violently exploded and casualties were tallied, Six managed to pile out far enough away to avoid assault. Next, I mistakenly disembarked a 10-man squad out of their healthy Rhino then failed to assault Six's MEQ line well-within range. Que dramatic music, "Dumb, dumb- dumb."
Heh, my force crumbled, largely my own doing, as a result of poor tactical decisions. However, each mistake was a lesson learned that I will carry forward. My Tac squad didn't get much action the entire game, my Vindicator threw pie-plates that scattered ineffectually, and my Furioso lost both weapons and was then immobilized over 12 inches away from the action. I tried new elements in this list, but it still completely lacked synergy as those elements didn't really mesh together during my game.
I know my overall performance improved because Six was very intense throughout our game up to turn five when it became obvious that he had it in the bag.

The next game I gladly spectated as Jancoran faced off his Grey Knights against Six-Deucer's Kreigs army- and I'm glad I did. Each phase of every turn proved to be bloody by all accounts. The battle see-sawed, as both generals vied for an edge over the other.  The game ended in turn six a draw. I should have bat-repped this one. Both armies are well painted and each general proved very competent.

Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to finish amassing my assault marines so that I can properly field the list that Purgatus suggested playing without any "counts as" units. In the mean time I want to try different elements in a new list comprised of the following:
Librarian w/Shield of Sanguinius and Unleash Rage
Honor Guard 4x Storm Shields; 3x Lightning Claws; 1x Thunder Hammer. Jump Packs.

Furioso Dreadnought w/Flamer and Blood Talons
Sanguinary Priest

10 man Assault Squad 2x Melta Guns; Sgt. with Power Fist and Infernus Pistol. Jump Packs.
(2) 10 man Assault Squad 2x Melta Guns; Sgt. with Power Fist and Hand Flamer. Rhino Transport

Fast Attack:
(2) Baal Predator(s) with Dozer Blade and Pintle Moutned Storm Bolter

Heavy Support:
Storm Raven
(2) Dreadnought with two Twin-Linked Auto cannon(s).

This list would provide plenty of fast, in your face, unit choices with two "Riflemen" dreads providing long range support. The majority of Six's MEQ is front armor 12, with the "Demolisher" (needs verification) being the only unit sporting a higher front armor. My Storm Raven would bravely cut a swathe right up to my opponent's line, depositing my HG and Furioso to wrought havoc. My Baal Preds providing fast front armor 13 cover for my Rhinos' laden with assault marines, always vigilante to find a side armor shot to commit their twin-linked assault cannons.

Any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated!


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